“Senturia provides useful insights and lessons in a humorous and provocative manner.”
-Karen Winston, Director, Affiliate Programs, CONNECT
(manager of the San Diego MIT Enterprise Forum)

“Neil Senturia is San Diego’s own ‘Larry David;’ charmingly acerbic, witty and straight to the point! Neil is a high energy guest who makes business concepts entertaining, informative and accessible to our audience. Hope Neil never curbs his enthusiasm or his willingness to share his insight on business!”
-Maureen Barnes, Producer, The Big Biz Show with Sully and Russ T Nailz

“Everyone in the room heard stuff they hadn’t heard before and needed to hear. Neil’s presentation was filled with practical and accessible advice.”
-Barry Demchak, Software entrepreneur

“Neil Senturia gave an outstanding presentation, deeply engaging a group of high-potential engineering student scholars in a very personal yet thoroughly comprehensive introduction on what it means to be, and how to become an entrepreneur. Every segment of his talk gave a retrospective on his own eclectic “lessons learned” while concomitantly providing a “wake-up call” to the next generation of engineering leaders to realize the opportunities in front of them, sometimes hidden in plain sight. He laid out the pathway from the initial idea to a product to a successful company, and provided insights on what traps to watch out for, and what best practices to follow. In short: Neil provided the entrepreneurial kick-start no future engineering leader can afford to miss.”
-Ingolf Krueger, Ph.D., Director, Gordon Engineering Leadership Center
UC San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering

“I haven’t had this much fun reading a book since I was a kid reading They Shoot Canoes, Don’t They? by Patrick McManus. I don’t often laugh out loud when I read business books, but this one had me chuckling, snickering and, occasionally, guffawing (I may have just made that word up…sorry about that).  Even better, I learned a thing or two along the way.”
-Jerry Kennedy, Motivation 101 Blog

“When reading this book, you are hit right off the bat with Neil’s humor and wit and love for storytelling. And intertwined in the mix are delicious tidbits of insightful resourcefulness and experience from his been-there, done-that entrepreneurial life.”
-Teresa Morrow, Founder, Key Business Partners LLC

“A consultant personality is someone who is willing to be calm, patient, give advice, and not be upset when it’s not followed. Those are people who are often willing to sit in the back seat of the car, and don’t really give too many opinions about where to turn. I sit in the front seat on the passenger’s side and my first response is to grab the fucking wheel, you know, you’re doing it wrong. So I could see that I was not really a good consultant.”
-From Xconomy’s interview with Neil: Words of Wisdom from the Dumbest Guy in the Room
Xconomy Website

Mention in a Los Angeles Times article – May 9, 2011
-Karen E. Klein, Los Angeles Times
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