SignOn Radio #9 – Feb 15, 2008

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Accidental innovation

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Raising a family and a business

Segment 1: Innovation isn’t always planned and Neil offers several examples of big ideas with accidental beginnings. Not all accidents are equal—some have “zip” and others result in zip…the trick is knowing the difference. Dr. Judy Muller-Cohn and her husband Dr. Rolf Muller, founders of Biomatrica, discuss how their award winning company remains on the cutting edge.

Segment 2: Dr. Judy Muller-Cohn and her husband Dr. Rolf Muller, the founders of award winning Biomatrica, tell Neil and Barbara how they balance marriage and family with the stresses of starting and financing a company. Dr. Philip E. Bourne, first phase winner of the UCSD50K Business Plan competition, pitches SciVee—a “YouTube for scientists”– to Neil and Barbara during this week’s Elevator Ride.