SignOn Radio #8 – Feb 8, 2008

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Still want to be king? Do what’s best for the company and grow rich

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Hi-tech solutions for improving productivity

Segment 1: Raising venture capital generally involves giving up control of your company for the opportunity to grow faster and bigger…after all, you can’t hold the purse strings if it isn’t your purse. Neil addresses this dilemma and prepares founders to give up their CEO “crown” in lieu of acquiring wealth. Members of the all-girl robotics team, Einstein’s Daughters, share how they combined innovation and ingenuity to bring their award-winning robot to life.

Segment 2: San Diego start-up Home2Office targets companies’ concerns about lower productivity by offering software solutions and risk management services designed to improve performance among telecommuters. Is clutter confounding your effectiveness? Attorney Randy Broberg explains how his paperless strategy dramatically improves efficiency.