SignOn Radio #6 – Jan 25, 2008

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Negotiating by concession rather than aggression yields results. A coffee entrepreneur cashes in on the organic trend

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Outsourcing employee administration makes cents. Negotiations, like puzzles, come together when all of the pieces are visible

Segment 1: To succeed in negotiating, you must be willing to concede. Neil offers advice on getting to the heart of negotiations by focusing on what the parties need and why they need it – an important key to reaching mutually beneficial agreements. Learn how a copier sales executive became an entrepreneurial success by not duplicating the usual “grind.” Elan Organic Coffees founder and CEO, Karen Cebreros, describes how she has grown her business to more than $10 million in annual revenues using untraditional means.

Segment 2: Do you really need that employee handbook? Are you’re getting a good deal on health insurance for your employees? Are you up to date and in compliance with employment laws and regulations? Neil and Barbara talk with Ross Astramecki, a regional manager for Administaff, which offers outsourced human resource services to small and medium-sized businesses. Neil shares more negotiation tips, including the importance of advancing and balancing multiple issues simultaneously.