SignOn Radio #37 – Oct 29, 2008

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Looking for answers in a questionable economy

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Tracking down scammers and spammers

Segment 1: The economy is down and uncertainty is high. Raising money is always hard, but our turbulent times have slapped handcuffs on those who typically invest in businesses. Not only is getting an investor to say “yes” more challenging, but investors are equally reluctant to say “no.” Either way, the result is a stalemate. Neil and Barbara assess their own battle scars to share clues that may help you to know when it’s time to move on. ProQuo co-founder Steve Gal helps consumers gain control over their personal information while reducing junk mail. ProQuo is one of the many fast growing software analytics companies headquartered in San Diego.

Segment 2: Mike Cook, co-founder of ID Analytics, aims to make the credit world a safer place by enabling both industry and government to determine in real time whether people are, in fact, who they claim to be. He shares thoughts about the rapid growth and potential challenges facing the analytics industry in San Diego. Manvite founder Jonathan Sills juggles a start-up, a day job and time with the “boys.”