SignOn Radio #35– Oct 15, 2008

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Nature’s fingerprints provide blueprints for future innovation

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A sleeping business that’s a Beauty

Segment 1: A mistake does not mean failure. Neil and Barbara point out that it’s only when we refuse to admit our mistakes or blame someone else for them that we fail. Accepting rational criticism for our blunders enables us to avoid repeating them. Helen Cheng, manager of conservation finance for the San Diego Zoo, explains the concept of biomimicry and how nature provides endless inspiration for significant innovation.

Segment 2: : Baxter Healthcare chose to take a nap when their VP of Research and Development, Peter Farrell, PhD, DSc, AM, demonstrated a new medical device aimed at treating sleep disorders. Farrell describes how he and a team of investors purchased the rights, and 20 years later, ResMed has more than 3,500 employees and about $1 billion in annual revenue. Bouncing back after the bailouts– Neil and Barbara share their frustration and thoughts about the current economic situation and proposed “solutions.”