SignOn Radio #34 – Oct 8, 2008

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The future of science requires us to BE WiSE today

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At Red Door Interactive, “jerks” are shown the exit door

Segment 1: By definition, a breakthrough means moving into uncharted scientific territory.Neil contends that technology entrepreneurs who pride themselves on being “brainiacs” have to accept being productively stupid. Patricia Winter, project director for the San Diego Science Alliance BE WiSE Program, and Nancy Taylor, science coordinator for the San Diego County Office of Education, describe their unique efforts to advance K-12 science curriculum.

Segment 2:Reid Carr started Red Door Interactive in 2002 when he was 25 years old. The company now has 50 employees, offices in San Diego and Denver, and annual revenues of $7.5 million. Reid says the company’s success is due to creating a “jerk-free” environment, establishing core values, and daily three minute meetings. Cri$is on every street: Neil and Barbara offer a new perspective on the meltdown in the financial markets.