SignOn Radio #32 – Aug 20, 2008

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Locate the nearest exit

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Science education is more than a small problem

Segment 1: Seeing “red” is only tolerable for so long. Realizing your business is in trouble is painful and humbling. Neil finishes his ten rules for overcoming denial and salvaging what matters most–people, integrity and your character. At the beginning of starting a company, you should also be thinking about the exit, contends Brian Sagi, CEO, Cerian Technology Ventures, LLC. Learn how to determine the best option for your company.

Segment 2: : Math and science education in the US is a disaster. Barbara and Neildiscuss controversial solutions with venture capitalist Larry Bock, the inspiration behind the 2009 San Diego Science Festival, and award winning scientists UC Davis Professor,Ivan Schwab (winner of the Ig Nobel prize for his research on why woodpeckers don’t get headaches), and UC San Diego Professor, Ivan Schuller, who explains why nano has a “mega” future.