SignOn Radio #31 – Aug 13, 2008

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Money isn’t everything

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Getting “generations apart” together

Segment 1: Face it…you can only see “red” for so long. Realizing your business is in trouble is a painful and humbling. Neil shares ten rules for overcoming denial and salvaging what matters most–people, integrity and your character. Are you saving gas money or earning a profit? Consultant Pete Billiac offers advice on building a profitable home-based business and how to avoid so-called pyramid schemes.

Segment 2: : Attorney Randy Broberg, chair of the technology and intellectual property practice at Allen Matkins, describes when the “head in the sand” approach to competitors’ IP works and when it doesn’t as he finishes his list of Top Ten Intellectual Property Mistakes. Bridging the generation gap in your work environment is easier said than done. Administaff district manager Lori Underwood shares tips for building successful teams and avoiding conflict among Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Generation Xers and Millennials.