SignOn Radio #26 – June 25, 2008

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Get a second life

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An intelligent look at Intellectual Property

Segment 1: Balancing family, work and expertise. Neil, Barbara and guest co-host Randy Broberg discuss how companies are adapting “business as usual” to improve flexibility for both women and men in order to recruit and retain the best and the brightest. Philip Rosedale, creator of Second Life, an online 3-D virtual world, talks about starting and growing a real company based on virtual existence and forecasts potential challenges ahead. As a UC San Diego alumnus, Philip also describes what he wishes that he’d learned while in college.

Segment 2: John Yamauchi and Dany Kitishian, the key organizers of the UCSD50K business plan competition, discuss what experience has taught them about inspiring and nurturing the next generation of entrepreneurs. Randy Broberg, chair of the Technology and Intellectual Property Practice at Allen Matkins law firm, shares his Top 10 Mistakes by Companies Regarding Intellectual Property.