SignOn Radio #24 – June 4, 2008

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The entrepreneurial tempest…don’t wait for nature to nurture strong performers

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Failure is a dress rehearsal for success

Segment 1: Too much time is wasted on problem employees, while top performers may suffer in silence. Neil and Barbara discuss tips for engaging and retaining quality employees. Software developer Rocky Smolin highlights lessons from his new book, From Program to Product: Turning Your Code into a Saleable Product, aimed at guiding software entrepreneurs from “brainchild” applications to commercial products.

Segment 2: Entrepreneur and venture capitalist, Larry Bock, was turned down by every medical school to which he applied, and was later rejected for the job that he wanted. Learn why these were mere speed bumps on the road to his success. Joined by Executive Director, Allison Rynne, Larry unveils his newest passion, the San Diego Science Festivalwhich will launch in March 2009. This unique event celebrates the remarkable science and innovation taking place in our community and encourages the next generation to embrace science-related careers.