SignOn Radio #18 – Apr 16, 2008

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“D” is for debt…and dangerous

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Bootstrapping a Biotech Start-Up

Segment 1: Neil and Barbara discuss why entrepreneurs will generally do best by seeking equity positions for investors…remember Baby Billionaire Rule #41: Debt starts with a “D,” and “D” is for dangerous. Executive coach, Bertram C. Edelstein, PhD, talks about behaviors that entrepreneurs and executives can change, as well as those they can’t.

Segment 2: Dr. Roberta Gottlieb, Director of SDSU’s BioScience Center and entrepreneur, is starting a life sciences company the “old-fashioned way”—a little bit at a time. Attorney Randy Broberg, chair of the Technology and Intellectual Property Practice at Allen Matkins, cautions entrepreneurs to protect their trademarks—the small upfront expense prevents costly repercussions down the road.