SignOn Radio #17 – Apr 11, 2008

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Solidus Networks proved the Greater Fool Theory is still alive

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Office politics shouldn’t be deadly

Segment 1: Securing venture capital money is not the “Holy Grail.” Neil illustrates examples of VCs who either missed the boat or jumped onboard a sinking ship and describes why preparation, passion, timing and luck will transform an idea into a business. Serial entrepreneur Sherri Neasham describes how her company, LeadFusion, was re-invented on the Web and remains “cutting edge” in providing on demand eMarketing solutions to the financial services industry.

Segment 2: Grace Judson, the owner of Svaha Concepts, shares her workbook “The Five Deadly Shoulds of Office Politics that Maul, Mangle and Murder Careers (and What to Do About Them).” She contends that managing office politics isn’t magical, and explains why resisting the political culture of the workplace may turn your career into a “toad.”