SignOn Radio #16 – Apr 4, 2008

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Why does the US send the best and brightest away?

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KidZui: adding the “eye” to Internet for kids

Segment 1: Neil contends that US immigration policy is all wrong. We allow foreign scientists and engineers to come to America for advanced degrees and training, but instead of enabling them to stay and use their talents to create new industries and jobs, our laws are designed to send them home. Denise Shiffman, author and viral marketing strategist, contends that the six “V’s” have replaced the four “P’s” of marketing in our technology-driven age.

Segment 2: Serial entrepreneur Cliff Boro, co-founder and CEO of KidZui a parental-control browser service, talks about the ups and downs of starting a company, closing the deal with a venture capitalist, and bringing a new product to market in a space where others have failed.