SignOn Radio #15 – Mar 28, 2008

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Are you a mentorable CEO?

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Starting the next Qualcomm

Segment 1: Having judged numerous business plan competitions, Neil questions the value of these contests in promoting entrepreneurial success. Hus Tigli, chairman of the board of the Chairmen’s RoundTable (CRT), explains common mistakes that companies make and what qualities CRT looks for in a company, as well as its CEO, when deciding whether or not its pro bono mentorship program would lead to future success for the company.

Segment 2: John Yamauchi, president of the UCSD50K Business Plan Competition, describes the challenges in establishing an entrepreneurial culture at UCSD and how the competition aims at creating the next Qualcomm. Around the world, women seek to “raise their villages” above poverty. Barbara shares insights from her recent meeting with 14 Central American women entrepreneurs who are rapping on their countries’ “glass ceilings”.