SignOn Radio #14 – Mar 21, 2008

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Get into the game–from the sidelines to the headlines

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Marketing on You Tube instead of the boob tube

Segment 1: From rating movies to negotiating business deals, human behavior is predictable. Neil illustrates how past behavior patterns can be used to forecast future choices. Beth Walsh and Bonnie Shaw, co-owners of the Clearpoint Agency, talk about structuring and starting their public relations firm as well as how they maintain “clear” focus despite differing points of view.

Segment 2: Beth Walsh and Bonnie Shaw, owners of the Clearpoint Agency, elaborate on how their public relations firm has adapted to growth and high-tech marketing and share 10 tips for improving your company’s public image. Andreas Roell, founder and CEO of Geary Interactive, describes how small companies can follow corporate giants like Coca Cola in using low or “no” cost marketing alternatives to promote their products and services.