SignOn Radio #12 – Mar 7, 2008

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Love-hate business relationships… and how they fit into productive teams

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Transforming science into sustainable semiconductor manufacturing

Segment 1: Barbara zooms in on the importance of selecting and building successful teams and asks whether you’d rather hire the “loveable fool” or “competent jerk?” She describes why the best choice depends on the situation. Robert P. Akins, Ph.D., and Richard L. Sandstrom, Ph.D., co-founders of Cymer Inc., talk about starting their technology company in 1986 and how they have successfully navigated changes, challenges and growth for more than two decades.

Segment 2: Robert P. Akins, Ph.D., and Richard L. Sandstrom, Ph.D., co-founders of Cymer Inc., render how their company’s strategy has adapted and evolved over the past 22 years enabling Cymer Inc. to attain revenues exceeding $500 million in 2007. AttorneyRandy Broberg shares his “Top 10 Rules of Hiring and Handling Lawyers” to assist entrepreneurs in controlling legal fees while avoiding costly mistakes.