SignOn Radio #10 – Feb 22, 2008

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True customer service is always open

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Green technology attracts the green

Segment 1: Baby Rule #289: Customer service is absolutely critical and is not easy to do well. It needs to be practiced 24×7. Barbara and guest host Bruce Bigelow lament the growing absence of good customer service and remind listeners that valuing customers increases the value of their companies exponentially. Alan Sorkin, founding partner of San Diego Social Venture Partners, describes how entrepreneurs are applying business principles and innovation to their philanthropy.

Segment 2: Green technologies are attracting hundreds of millions of dollars. Barbara and guest host Bruce Bigelow talk with Tad Simmons, founder of Greensource Partners, about how to position your clean tech company to access these funds. Email marketing whiz Ron Cates highlights how to ensure your company’s email newsletter stands out amid the flood of inbox messages.