Geek Girls help pave the way for women entrepreneurs

Sheryl Sandberg, chief operating officer of Facebook, will be the next Internet woman billionaire when the company goes public, and her stated mission is to encourage women to find their “inner geek.” But Silicon Valley is not the only place that has smart, technical women. We have more than our fair share right here in San Diego.

At the recent Geek Girl Meetup at the Ansir Innovation Center, we were thrilled to meet almost 40 women (and a few brave men) who have

Entrepreneur Melani Gordon

either started, work for or aspire to start an Internet company. These cool women are knocking down the doors, breaking the glass ceiling and demanding to be taken seriously in what has heretofore been a male-dominated world.

The meetup was organized by Leslie Fishlock, the owner of Geek Girl Corp., which focuses on providing computer education to women. “My mom wanted to put the names of my swim team on a spreadsheet, and she had no idea how to use Excel. That’s when I realized that technology had passed a lot of women by,” said Fishlock.

Read the rest at UT San Diego.

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