Advice for women who want to be CEO

The glass ceiling has been cracked but not shattered. Thirty years of upward mobility, but here are the statistics.

Gail Naughton, Ph.D., CEO, Histogen

This year, there are 98 female CEOs of 3,049 publicly traded companies analyzed by research company GMI. That represents 3.2 percent of the total company CEOs. The numbers may be higher in midsize companies, but they are still small.

This situation puzzles us because women have been entering the business world in ever-increasing numbers in the past 20 years. So we talked with three very different San Diego women who either are or were CEOs about how they got to the top spot and their advice to other women.

When she was growing up in Brooklyn, N.Y., Gail Naughton never thought that she would end up in business, and “I thought that I would never have children.” Naughton, who has a doctorate in hematology, is the CEO of biotech company Histogen and has three children who are 30, 27 and 22.

Read the rest at UT San Diego.

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