The Jacuzzi and the Lost Camera

Only in America. Last week I flew on Delta from San Diego to Jackson, Wyoming.  The flights were on time, the flight staff was charming, the whole experience was perfect – until I got to my hotel and found that my camera, which I had packed in my suitcase (OK, I admit that was dumb) was missing.

I felt violated but realized that it was impossible to figure out who took it – bag handlers at two airports, TSA checkers etc. The number of possible touches was staggering.  And so I just bit my tongue and tried to move on.

Two days later, I was sitting in the Jacuzzi at the hotel, there is a man there, we get to talking, he says he works for the airlines. So I ask him – what can I do, who should I contact?  I had no recourse and felt helpless about my “stolen” camera.

He says to me, “Well, it seems to me that Delta ought to take care of that for you.”

I say, “Easy for you to say, you’re not the CEO of Delta.”

He says, “Well, actually, I am. Richard Anderson, pleased to meet you.”

Every executive talks about customer service and taking responsibility, but there in 103 degree bubbling water, I saw it up close and personal.

We talked on about fuel, regulations, taxes, baggage, routes and a bunch of other things – but the bottom line, Mr. Anderson and Delta now have a Customer For Life.

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