It’s the other guy’s fault.

other guy's fault

It's the other guy's fault.

I love this story in the Wall Street Journal.

The financial crisis inquiry report says that the financial meltdown could have been avoided– that it was not an act of god, that it was not pre-ordained by the weather currents, that warning signs were ignored.

It is an icy road, you are going 73 mph, it is dark, and a road marker shows a triple switchback and a steep hill, you accelerate because you are late to see your mistress– and you hit the ice, crash through the guard rail and end up in a ditch with two broken legs, bleeding profusely from the head and neck.

And then you sue the Department of Transportation because the road sign was not blinking in neon with an audio transmission at 102 decibels that was screaming, ‘hey, asshole, slow down.” So of course, it was not your fault.

Investors with Bernie, the Ponzi, Madoff would not have lost money if they were not greedy. In a world of 2% returns, when they promise you 11% …huh, why are you so lucky? How did you get to be one of the chosen ones?

And the article goes on to profile the Titanic and Nixon, etc.

Hindsight is 20-15. Me personally, I am getting my cataracts fixed next week, and I have bought the Toric lens. My doc says that I will have HDTV in the right eye and still be blind as a bat in the left.

But  I can see the road sign up ahead, and it is not the Twilight Zone.

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