Donald Trump’s new scheme makes me wretch

The Trumpster has done it again. The world’s number one ego maniacal, narcissistic, personality–  Donald Trump by name– is now in the pyramid scheme, double whipsaw, screw over the little guy, a spin-off from the Trump Network (which is the parent company that reviews all get rich quick possibilities). His latest– IDEAL HEALTH—is a simple bag of vitamins that you sell to someone who then is part of your downstream revenue stream and he in turn finds 10 other suckers and they become his downstream, but you remain in the upstream.

And the whole stream reeks of scammery and chicanery.

Listen to the pitch as explained in a great story in New York Magazine.

“This is a time where extraordinary things are going to happen for ordinary people. This opportunity that has called us. And what it’s about is making ordinary people experience extraordinary wealth.”

Get the idea here. Trump has a calling from a higher being.

“You have to believe in yourself, believe in the products and believe in Donald Trump.”

This makes me wretch.

Donald, look in the mirror. When is enough enough? You will not live forever, you cannot take it with you and why are you screwing over more people to make even more money. Stop.

Vitamins, bath oils, skin care– pyramid dreams draped around the evil truth that the only guy who gets rich is you and the first nine people who are upstream.

The rest of the downstream only get a stream of shit.

This is not entrepreneurship. This is preying on the little guy and taking advantage of his hopes, dreams, desires– and fueled by a rotten scheme that only benefits the Donald.

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