I'm There For You Baby

Today everyone needs to think like an entrepreneur whether it’s in your own business, a large company or a non-profit.
-Neil Senturia

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Success, failure, joy, pain and rejection. Neil Senturia shares the ups and downs of his entrepreneurial life and the lessons-rules-that he’s learned and how they apply to all of our lives. The book reads like Neil talks (with the occasional four letter word!). Be prepared for a humorous and insightful read.

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I loved Hollywood. I hated Hollywood.

How could one exist — let alone survive and ultimately triumph — in a universe populated by the following phrases that were supposed to pass for inter-personal communication and human connection.

“Let’s do lunch.”

“I’ll get right back to you.”

And the one that brings it all home, the granddaddy of them all:

“Hey, I’m there for you, baby.”

In all three cases, you know you are getting fucked and it will never happen.

Now you might ask, given my pejorative association with the phrase, why I picked it for the book.

It is because entrepreneurship is a little bit like Hollywood. I can teach the principles of entrepreneurship, but I cannot teach you to be an entrepreneur. The same is true in the movie business. There may be a map to the stars’ homes, but there is no map to being a star. It is opaque, it is impossible, it is unlikely, it is different every time.

But somehow every year, great films get made and stars are born.

“I’m there for you, baby” is a reminder that the big con and the big lie are everywhere and that the pursuit of any goal is a singularly individual event. It can be done, it can be achieved. And it is worth doing. It happens every day in a thousand personal moments. Success, fame, fortune, and happiness. Non problemas. I am there for you, baby.

And finally, I hope that in these stories that I can vividly share the pains I felt, the rejections I suffered, the disappointments and failures I embraced, the successes I enjoyed, and most importantly, the lessons I learned. It has been a terrific run, so far. Entrepreneurship is not something you abandon. It is like a permanent tattoo. For better or worse, you are a marked man.

-Excerpts from I’m There For You Baby By Neil Senturia